Devin Rocco

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Research Interests:


B.A. Geology, University of California, Davis.

Minors in Music and GIS



I was born in up-state New York in the town of Woodstock. I moved to the west coast (San Francisco area) when I was about 13 years old and eventually ended up in a Geology program at UC Davis in California. I was quickly enamored by the maps and imagery that I studied and eventually made the decision to refocus my goals towards cartography and remote sensing. I began working at the UC Davis Shields Library Map Collections as an assistant and was exposed to a wide breadth of map products and the varied audenices who used them. 


I’ve gone on to work as a programmer, spatial data engineer and mobile developer at E. & J. Gallo Winery in California. The rich narratives, histories, influentual power, and so much more that maps offer has been a personal and professional interest of mine that I’m excited to continue to develop my understanding of here at UKY.

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