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The Department of Geography at the University of Kentucky is a top 20 department in the country and offers bachelor, masters and doctorate degrees. Since 2010 the department has expanded its curriculum in geographic information systems (GIS) and digital mapping led by a number of internationally prominent scholars.

We developed these Graduate Certificate and Master of Science degree programs in digital mapping with all levels of experience in mind. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced GIS user, you will benefit from a truly unparalleled online learning experience developed by internationally-renowned faculty in a top-ranked geography department.

You will develop the technical skills and design fluency you need to make highly sophisticated web maps that are also elegant and impactful. Perhaps even more importantly, you will learn to think critically about the social dimensions of the maps you make and the data from which you make them. Maps, after all, are powerful things: they shape what we see and what we don't, with serious implications for how we come to know the world. Read more.

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