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Jeff Levy

Research Interests:
health geography
Geocoding Precision
Exposure Assessments
Spatial epidemiology

M.P.H. Epidemiology, University of Kentucky, 2018

B.A. Geography, University of Kentucky, 2000

Selected Publications:

Christian, WJ; May, B; Levy, J.  Flood fatalities in eastern Kentucky and the public health legacy of mountaintop removal coal mining.  The Journal of Maps (online) (2023).

Walker, CJ; Browning, SR; Levy, J; Christian, WJ.  Geocoding precision of birth records from vital statistics in Kentucky, 2008-2017. Geospatial Health (2022).

Christian, WJ; Walker, CJ; Huang, B; Levy, J; Durbin, E; Arnold, S. Using residential histories in case-control analysis of lung cancer and mountaintop removal coal mining in Central Appalachia.  Spatial and Spatio-temporal Epidemiology 35 (2020).

Ringstrom, M; Christian, WJ; Bush, M; Levy, J; Huang, B; Gal, TJ. Travel distance: Impact on stage of presentation and treatment choices in head and neck cancer. American Journal of Otolaryngology 39 (2018) 575-581.

Raitz, K; Levy, J; Gilbreath, R. Mapping Kentucky's Frontier Trails Through Geographical Information and Cartographic Applications.   The Geographical Review 100 (2010): 312-335.

Raitz, K; Levy, J; Gilbreath, R. Kentucky’s Frontier Trails: Warrior’s Path, Boone’s Trace, and Wilderness Road, 1795. Poster.  Lexington: Thoroughbred Printing, 2008 and distributed by the Kentucky Geological Survey.