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Chris Lyons

M.S., Environmental Studies, Kentucky State University,2021
B.S., Agriculture, Food, and Environment, Kentucky State University, 2018

My name is William Lyons, though most call me Chris, I work as a Geoprocessing Specialist at the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet. I am highly interested in the field of geospatial analysis and environmental technology. My passion for this field started during my undergraduate studies, which led me to pursue an M.Sc. in Environmental Studies from Kentucky State University, focusing on Forest Health and Environmental Remote Sensing.

I am currently pursuing a second Master’s degree in Digital Mapping at the University of Kentucky to enhance my expertise further. I have held significant roles at NV5 Geospatial and Qk4 Incorporated throughout my professional journey. These roles have helped me develop skills in GIS platforms, digital photogrammetry, python, R programming, LiDAR data processing, and unmanned aerial system operations.

Research Interests:
Digital Mapping
Environmental remote sensing
GIS-based spatial analysis