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Faculty and Staff

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Assistant Professor
Cartography, Geospatial Data Science, Design, GIS, Web mapping technologies, Open Education, Open Source Technology, Metaphysics, Critical Mapping and GIS, Participatory Mapping
823 Patterson Office Tower
Professor of Geography
Arts & Sciences Distinguished Professor
President, American Association of Geographers (AAG)
immigration, geopolitics , borders , refugees , urban geography, transnationalism, feminist geographies, political geography, United States, Europe
863 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6952
Associate Professor
Digital geographies, Critical Cartography and GIS, policing, social theory, software studies, science and technology studies, social movements, urban geography
805 Patterson Office Tower
GIS Program Coordinator
GIS, health geography, Cartography, Geocoding Precision, Exposure Assessments, Spatial epidemiology
5 Miller Hall
(859) 323-0618
Associate Professor
Bioclimatology, Phenology, Remote Sensing, Biogeography
801 Patterson Office Tower
No photograph available for jfob222
Environmental Sciences, Rural and Agricultural History, data visualization, data analysis
Cartography and Design, GIS and GPS, scenic landscape analysis, weather and climate, public parks, web mapping, lidar, Digital Twin
POT 805A
(859) 806-3938
Chair and Professor of Geography
Critical cartography & GIS, cultural geography, urban political geography, Science and Technology Studies, Disciplinary History of Geography
861 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-8851
University Research Professor
regional economic development, Smart Cities and Urban Technology, Critical finance studies, Big Data and Society
875 Patterson Office Tower
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