MS in Digital Mapping Alumni

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Graduate Student, Digital Mapping
Cartography and Design, Digital Mapping, cultural geography
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Public health, Economic Inequality, Open Source Technology
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Socioeconomic and geographic disparities in the United States, Spatiotemporal data modeling and analysis, Web mapping technologies
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Agriculture Extension Associate Senior
natural resources, geospatial technologies, water quality, Agriculture
121 CE Barnhart Building
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Research Interests: Cartography, GIS, Web mapping technologies, Open Source Technology, data visualization, climate change, climate science
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Graduate Student, Digital Mapping


Master's Degree Graduate Students, 2018-Present



Final Project title

2020 Eileen Grady Exploring Industrial Pollution in the US (Advisor: Donohue)
2020 Lis Fano Our Vanishing Glaciers: Visualizing a Half-Century of Glacier Loss in Glacier National Park, Montana (Advisor: Donohue)
2020 Lauren Oldham March Madness (Advisor: Donohue)
2020 Etienne Sambo Interactive Road Accidents Map of Utrecht (Adivsor: Donohue)
2020 Derek Waggenspack United States Power Generation & Location (Advisor: Donohue)
2019 Matthew Bacinskas West Nile Virus (WNV) and St. Louis Encephalitis (SLEV) In California (2003-2018) (Advisor: Donohue)
2019 Mark Cruse Spatial Patterns in Commute to Workplace Census Data (Advisor: Donohue)
2019 Maria Horn Conservation Areas in South America (Advisor: Donohue)
2019 Michael McNeil The Spoken World (Advisor: Donohue)
2019 Lee Moser Lexington, KY Foodscape Mapping Project (Advisor: Donohue)
2019 Andrea Parr Water Reclamation Projects & Biodiversity (Advisor: Donohue)
2019 Courtney Simonse Sicilian Immigrants in the US: 1880-1900 (Advisor: Donohue)
2019 Sharon Wohlgemuth The Geography of Public Domain Objects at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Advisor: Donohue)


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